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By bcantrill    2019-06-09

You know, whenever I vow to stop explaining Sun, there is some yet-more outrageous claim that I just can't seem to summon the willpower to ignore, for fear that it will join a corpus of alternative facts that poison the wellspring of future generations.

So, in that spirit: Sun emphatically did not "ignore the internet" (?!) -- and was in fact a pioneer of distributed systems in many ways. Instead of rattling off the many important, early distributed systems that Sun built -- or the many pioneers of distributed systems that Sun employed -- I will vector you to a single Sun-authored paper circa 1994, "A Note on Distributed Computing"[1] (and to Chris Meiklejohn's discussion of it at Papers We Love[2]). The paper itself drips with wisdom that still feels current and important a quarter of a century later -- and it very much reflects the zeitgeist of the time at Sun. Please read the paper -- and more generally, take the time to educate yourself as to the history of our domain and the many people and companies who have made seminal contributions to it; the generations whose shoulders your work stands upon will thank you for it!



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