Ryobi vs Dewalt impact driver Battle to the DEATH !!!

By: Making Stuff and Breaking Stuff with Al

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Uploaded on 01/20/2019

This video is in 4K so bump up your resolution. We go head to head Ryobi brushless vs Dewalt brushless impact driver. We do 3 test so stick around and watch till the END you will be quite surprised at what happens..

Here is the Ryobi Impact driver link:

Here is theRyobi battery link:

Here is the dewalt link:

Flexvolt 6.0 Ah battery link

Here is a double pack of 5.0 battery's

Here is a double pack of 3.0 battery's:

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By StillBored    2019-08-31

Heavily depends on the tool. There are a lot of youtube comparisons.


There is still a ton of play in most the tools with moving parts. (AKA don't buy a drill press because there is a huge amount of play in the HF versions). The cheap home depot tools though are actually pretty good if you get the reasonable ones. AKA a good Ryobi 18V drill is just as good as the yellow or red ones that cost 2x-3x as much despite the "contractor grade".


(there are a bunch of videos with people killing dewalt drills, batteries, etc. At least over the past few years their reputation doesn't appear to be deserved.)

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