LoganCIJ16: Reports from the Front

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Uploaded on 03/16/2016

with Jacob Appelbaum, Eveline Lubbers, Nafeez Ahmed, Natalia Viana, Martin Welz

Moderator: John Goetz

While most mainstream newspapers are no longer committed to finance investigative journalism, new entities focused on revealing uncomfortable facts have managed to establish themselves and contribute significantly to the critical and charged debate. With a myriad of backgrounds and approaches, investigative enterprises are constantly being challenged to provide access to new information. Speakers from Africa, South America and Europe will demonstrate and discuss radical new methods to bring important disclosures to the public.

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By cyphar    2019-05-25

In addition, The Guardian's editor (David Leigh) actually published several articles (that WikiLeaks wasn't going to publish) BY ACCIDENT. He then blamed the release of documents on Julian Assange[1].

In addition he published the password for a GPG-encrypted archive of documents that were shared via BitTorrent in a book and claimed that WikiLeaks was given plenty of notice to fix the issue -- not understanding that you cannot change the password of an existing file that was already distributed and probably in the hands of the NSA.

[1]: https://youtu.be/vwjazrixP1Q?t=4818

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By cyphar    2019-06-15

I find it incredible that it took the Guardian 7 years to decide to write this article. EDIT: In fact, it's not even by the Guardian -- it's an opinion piece by an ex-Guardian editor who was (at least implicitly) part of the smear campaign against Julian Assange "back in the day".

Let's not forget that the Guardian sent Julian Assange a basket with soap and socks when he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy[1]. What kind of a message does that send? They also didn't tell anyone involved in the Snowden revelations when GCHQ forced them to destroy their copies. They also (through their tehnical incompetence) leaked documents that WikiLeaks had not published, then blamed WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for the disclosure. Not to mention the ludicrously false and harmful articles they published about him meeting Manafort and co-ordinating disclosures with the Trump campaign alongside many other government puff pieces disguised as "journalism".

Now, all of a sudden, they feel it's a good idea to try to help him. It's too late for that. The right time to try to help him was 7 years ago. Doing it now is for the birds, it's pure political theater so they can pretend (in 15 years) that they were "on the right side of history". Absolute bullshit.

Then again, saying something is better than nothing. Here in Australia there is no public discussion about Julian Assange (an Australian citizen and journalist being tried under US terrorism laws). Even more ironic is that we recently had a bit of a "freedom of the press" scuffle because the ABC was raided by the Australian Federal Police because of some coverage from 2017 over Australian Army war crimes. I find it incredible that nobody mentioned Julian. At all. What an absolute disgrace today's press is.

[1]: https://youtu.be/vwjazrixP1Q?t=5255

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