Handmade Hero Day 433 - Optimizing Ray vs. AABB Intersections

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Uploaded on 03/11/2018

Day 433 of coding on Handmade Hero. See http://handmadehero.org for details.

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By paulriddle    2019-09-18

A debugger inspired and somewhat popularized by the Handmade Hero screencast series. Primarily for C and C++. Some people say good things about it and happy that it is being developed. Since it is a paid tool with no demo, you might want first to see it in action before purchasing. A good introduction to the debugger is simply watching a few videos of it being discussed and used by Casey Muratori. Go to the screencast page [0], scroll down, and and the search field (which accepts regexes by the way) type 'remedy'. Click on everything. You might also watch a 2 hour long episode discussing debuggers in general [1] and why Visual Studio debugger is not ideal [2].

[0]: https://handmadehero.org/watch [1]: https://youtu.be/GfGNPo9Z6mA [2]: https://youtu.be/vohsUKjg9tU?t=33

It is still early days for the debugger, so it has bugs and might crash. Another downside is that it is closed source which might be difficult to reconcile with today's culture of open source. It is really unfortunate because author said it is developed completely from scratch using very few third party libraries. Because of that it would be interesting to take a look at the source and perhaps hack on it. But people are buying it anyway.

I urge everyone who might be interested to support the development of remedy, because I want the project to succeed.

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