Mechanical Computer (All Parts) - Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers

By: Excelsior10000

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Uploaded on 07/13/2011

A 1953 training film for a mechanical fire control computer aboard Navy Ships. Amazing how problems of mathematical computation were solved so elegantly in "permanent" mechanical form, before microprocessors became inexpensive and commonplace.

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By tlrobinson    2019-05-24

There's a great 1953 Navy fire control computer training film that explains some of these:

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By Animats    2019-05-24

A differential is an adder.[1] This is a differential hooked up as a doubler.

Mechanical analog computers, especially gun predictors, had lots of setups like that.


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By adrianN    2019-06-23

Mechanical computers for fire control where the standard solution until very recently. Here's a very interesting video about them:

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