Intel What Are You DOING!? Ice Lake Lineup Is A Huge Mess!

By: HardwareCanucks

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Uploaded on 08/04/2019

Intel's Ice Lake 10th gen processors STILL aren't here but marketing is in full swing with some press allowed behind the scenes access to early performance results. But what REALLY matters right now is how this lineup seems designed to create customer confusion. Let's try and cut through the hype to explain what's going on here....

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By ajflores1604    2019-08-12

I haven't had the benefit of experiencing optane first hand, but the specs look insane to me. And I completely agree, Intel bumbled the whole strategy for it. And on top of the strategy, the marketing is abysmal, not just for optane but even their processor lines. This video laid out their new 10nm processor naming scheme ( and at this point it seems malicious. Like they're trying to make it so consumers accidentally get the highest margin chip on the stack by getting a low power 'i7'. Or maybe hope consumers just stop trying to compare between processor skus, or head to head benchmarks against AMD, and instead focus on the brand that is 'intel inside'.

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