Introduction to Incr_dom: Writing Dynamic Web Apps in OCaml

By: Jane Street

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Uploaded on 08/24/2018

Presented by: Cristina Rosu
At Jane Street, we use OCaml in almost everything we do, and that includes web development. Incr_dom is an open-source library written at Jane Street that provides a framework for writing interactive web apps in OCaml. Many of our internal web apps are built on top of this framework.

Incr_dom combines several approaches. It approximately uses the model-view-controller pattern, which makes it easy to reason about an app’s state and to specify how users can interact with the app. To make apps update efficiently, Incr_dom uses a combination of Incremental and Virtual DOM to keep view updates as small as possible. Finally, Js_of_ocaml is used to compile OCaml into JavaScript.

In this talk, I’ll introduce you to the Incr_dom framework, and illustrate how it works though a live demo where I’ll walk you through how to write a simple Incr_dom web app.

This talk does not require any prior knowledge of OCaml.

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By hackermailman    2019-08-12

Read everything you can about CSS Grid. Use MDN or to see if it will work with what browser. Read about semantic HTML and things you can do with the latest spec/standard

Stay with Vim and just manipulate the DOM

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