The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

By: Pop Culture Detective

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Uploaded on 09/01/2017

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The Big Bang Theory provides a perfect lens through which to deconstruct a popular media trope I like to call the Adorkable Misogynist. Adorkable Misogynists are male characters whose geeky version of masculinity is framed as comically pathetic yet still endearing. Their status as nerdy “nice guys” then lets them off the hook for a wide range of creepy, entitled, and sexist behaviors.

This is the 1st of two video essays about gender on The Big Bang Theory. Next month I'll focus on how the show relentlessly mocks its four male leads for not acting like “real men," and in so doing reinforces a whole bunch of regressive ideas about masculinity.

• Yes, The Big Bang Theory was the most watched scripted TV show in 2016 according to Nielsen:

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Comments (2):

By nydel    2019-05-24

I find this piece on toxic masculinity in The Big Bang Theory much more interesting than the show or this article: (The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory by Pop Culture Detective)

I'm happy for people who can enjoy The Big Bang Theory but I find it difficult personally.

Original Thread

By anonymfus    2019-05-24

It is not just Sheldon who is extremely sexist in their group. Here are Pop Culture Detective's video essays highlighting misogynistic and toxic-masculine behaviour of all these "nerd" characters:

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