How a Watch Works

By: Christophe Yamahata

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Uploaded on 02/13/2012

Vintage video (1949) from Hamilton Watch Co. explaining how a mechanical watch works.

This short movie gives a simple demonstration of the working principle of a mechanical watch. "The inside story of a fine watch" is shown on a giant in-line movement, exact and to scale in every detail. The function of each part is demonstrated as the huge watch is assembled and disassembled.

This is a shorten version of the original movie (1949) produced by the Jam Handy Orginization for Hamilton Watch Company.

The original version can be downloaded on

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By pawelk    2019-05-24

I have recently became interested with the inner workings of watches and found this 1949 video to be a perfect explanation of the underlying concept of a watch movement mechanism:

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