Black Conservative Reacts To Victor Blackwell CRYING On CNN Over Trump "Infested" Baltimore Comments

By: Anthony Brian Logan

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Uploaded on 07/28/2019

Victor Blackwell, a black CNN anchor and Baltimore native, took personal offense to Donald Trump’s tweets about his hometown. It appears as if the word “infested” that Trump used to describe Baltimore’s rodent problem struck Blackwell to his core. He went on about a 4 or 5 minute rant about how “racist” Trump’s words were. Blackwell also linked this “attack” to other members of Congress that happen to be “people of color” for what appears to be “evidence” of Trump’s “racism.”

The reality here is that Donald Trump told the truth about Baltimore. Sometimes the truth is ugly and when it’s ugly, it usually hurts. If a person lies, that lie is less likely to cause a person pain to the point where they lose their composure and “cry” on air like Victor Blackwell did. Black residents of the particular part of Baltimore that Trump was referring to - Elijah Cummings district - agreed with what Trump said and did not think it was racist. They appreciate someone actually taking notice rather than trying to sweep the problem under the rug as most politicians in Maryland do.

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Blackwell tears up defending hometown over Trump attacks

CNN Anchor Chokes Up While Defending Baltimore From Trump's Racist Attacks

CNN Anchor Victor Blackwell Tears up on Air Following President Trump's 'Infested' Baltimore Remarks

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell, a Baltimore native, gets emotional after Trump’s tweets

Comments (1):

By CapricornNoble    2019-08-07

>>>The thing is: being critical of the government is the literal job of journalists

Except the bulk of them aren't even competent journalists. They hardly do any fact-checking or ground-level reporting. They are closer to socialist agitators than journalists. Take the Baltimore rat Tweet situation as a recent example (The "Covington kids" are another good example.) One America News interviewed Baltimore residents [1] and got a completely different vibe from what the MSM has been pushing. Meanwhile CNN's anchor with his forced fake tears about "Trump's racism" is getting savaged by black YTers [2][3][4]

>>and the way Trump regularly attacks all press

"All press" != "CNN/NYT/WaPo/HuffPo/MSNBC". Has Trump attacked Tim Pool? No, he invited Tim Pool to his White House Social Media event, despite Tim constantly calling Trump a crass person of bad character. Tim Pool gets more daily YT views that CNN gets TV viewers, BTW.

>>>And on the other side, the government should be impartial and only look at the financial and technological sides when procuring stuff or enforcing regulations.

Agreed. Or they should pay technical specialists what they're worth and develop and maintain internal government solutions. For some reason that's a bridge too far for us.

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