Richard Muller: I Was wrong on Climate Change

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Uploaded on 01/08/2015

Richard Muller became the darling of the climate denial community a few years ago when he made a number of statements questioning the integrity of climate scientists and science.
Since then, his own studies have (re)confirmed the rise in global temperature, and the cause, - human generated carbon dioxide.
Interviewed in December 2014, by Collin Maessen, in San Francisco.

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By mhh__    2019-08-12

The physicist Richard Muller had similar doubts about global warming, so he took some money from climate deniers (allegedly) and founded Berkely Earth. They used - at least at the time - more data than anyone else, dating back to the 1700s.

Surprise surprise they not only found that the temperature was rising with the so-called IPCC hockey stick, but also the correlation with CO2 was strong too.

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