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By: City of Pensacola

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Uploaded on 06/26/2018

We're excited to share new updates to the General Daniel "Chappie" James Aviation Discovery Park located at 4200 Jerry Maygarden Road on the property of the Pensacola International Airport.

In the spring of 2018 the Parks and Recreation Department replaced the well-worn historical monument bases, installed new play equipment and replaced the sun shades over the picnic as well as repairing the air traffic control speakers, planted new sod, and repairs to the Wall of Donors.

**About Aviation Discovery Park**

The General Daniel "Chappie" James Jr. Aviation Discovery Park Project in Pensacola was undertaken by Pensacola Area Flight Watch, an organization dedicated to the interests of General Aviation, and the promotion of aviation among our youth. The park was established in 2006.

It has also been used as:

- A way to garner support for the airport among the citizens of the area by making the airport and its operations easily visible to them.
- A way to generate an interest in aviation on the part of the younger citizens.

You can see more about the Aviation Discovery Park at: https://www.cityofpensacola.com/2241/Aviation-Discovery-Park


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By andrewjmyers    2019-05-25

In my hometown we actually put a park on airport property with a great view of both of our runways. It has a raised "tower" that streams a live feed of the local ATC. Benches, picnic tables, shaded areas, it's honestly one of my favorite spots locally.

Video (city government quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReeLuUh8qB4

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