AWS SNS to Lambda Tutorial - Step by Step

By: AWS Simplified

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Uploaded on 08/08/2019

In this video I go over setting up a SNS topic and Lambda function followed by adding a trigger. This is a step by step guide assuming minimal prior AWS knowledge.

Details covered include:
Lambda Cost Optimization (memory usage)
Lambda DLQ (Dead letter queue)
Lambda XRay (profiling service)
Lambda Concurrency Gotchas
SNS Encryption
SNS Access Policy
SNS Retry Policy
SNS Filter Policy

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By aws_simplified    2019-08-12

So I've been using AWS technologies every day over the past 4 years. I find there is a consistent pattern with AWS documentation, its filled with detail but hard to sift through it all to find the details that actually matter. Speaking to my coworkers, it seems everyone has the same feeling.

I decided to do something about this and dedicate a youtube channel to give detailed walkthroughs using AWS technologies. I'm making a special effort to focus on the numerous options that are presented and explain what they mean, while giving special emphasis to the settings you should probably pay attention to.

I started this channel of with two videos:

1) SNS to Lambda Trigger walkthrough -

2) SQS to Lambda Trigger walkthrough -

I'm going to be posting new videos fairly regularly. I'm open to feedback, comments, or suggested topics. Any support is appreciated.


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