The economics of open source by C J Silverio | JSConf EU 2019

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Uploaded on 06/03/2019

The JS package commons is in the hands of a for-profit entity. We trust npm with our shared code, but we have no way to hold npm accountable for its behavior. A trust-based system cannot function without accountability, but somebody still has to pay for the servers. How did we get here, and what should JavaScript do now?

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By jashkenas    2019-06-05

There's an essay version published here:

And a video of the talk:

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By pier25    2019-06-15

This is a great recent talk about this problem by the former NPM CTO in which she tells her story about NPM and proposes a new decentralized package manager:

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By kostarelo    2019-06-16

I am trying to understand why we make NPM such a big deal (and suddenly have all these projects born to solve the NPM problem) when people have solve the issue of a package repository already. C j Silverio's point (JSConf's talk [1]) was that is NPM's scale that makes it hard.



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By worldsayshi    2019-06-16

Here's the actual talk on youtube:

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