David Beazley - Python Concurrency From the Ground Up: LIVE! - PyCon 2015

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Uploaded on 04/11/2015

"Speaker: David Beazley

There are currently three popular approaches to Python concurrency: threads, event loops, and coroutines. Each is shrouded by various degrees of mystery and peril. In this talk, all three approaches will be deconstructed and explained in a epic ground-up live coding battle.

Slides can be found at: https://speakerdeck.com/pycon2015 and https://github.com/PyCon/2015-slides"

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By bshipp    2019-05-24

I was at pycon when beaz programmed a set of raw socket server/client scripts running fibonnaci sequences LIVE from scratch in front of 1000 people using nothing but a text editor. The man is truly a mad genius.


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