Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography - Language

By: Matthew Rogers

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Uploaded on 09/30/2010

UPDATE 24/05/2011:Thankyou to @hedgehoglet for the Russian Subtitles
UPDATE 11/10/2010: Thanks to Stephen Fry for mentioning this video on his twitter account, rather exciting!

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Using the wonderful words of acclaimed writer, actor and allround know it all (I mean that in the best of ways) Stephen Fry I have created this kinetic typography animation. If you like what you hear you can download the rest of the audio file from Mr. Fry's website. and then go to the audio and video section at the top of the page and look for the file entitled language. You can also find the file on iTunes by searching the name 'Stephen Fry's Podgrams'.

I loved this particular essay on language and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make my first kinetic typography video. I hope you like it and even if you dont I would like to heard what you think in the comments section. Also I know that at points the audio does not match the text so you do not have to write that. It is because I copied the transcript off of Stephen's website and it was not 100% exactly what he said and i did not notice until I was well underway. However these cases are few and far between.

Just incase you were wondering the programs I used to make this were all by Adobe. Mostly After Effects but also Flash and Illustrator. Flash for the changing background colour transitions and illustrator for putting the words in to the shape of 'language' before loading it into After Effects to animate.


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By inlined    2019-09-01

> the engines also focus heavily on metrics like sentence length, vocabulary, spelling, and subject-verb agreement... The systems are also unable to judge more nuanced aspects of writing, like creativity.

This reminds me of a wonderful essay/speech by Stephen Fry on the harm done by pedantry. I also feel that schools focus so much on a single structure of essay writing and similarly take the joy out of language.

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