How to Fly the North American B-25 "Mitchell" Medium Bomber (Restored 1944)

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Uploaded on 04/09/2012

This is the film used to train pilots on how to fly the North
American B-25 Mitchell during World War 2 . The Navy Department produced it for use by all services. Named after Billy Mitchell, the controversial pioneer of heavy bombing, this is the plane that Jimmy Doolittle chose to fly off the deck of carrier Hornet for the dramatic raid on Tokyo. Extremely versatile, the North American B-'25 was the US's most produced medium bomber, fighting in all theaters and exported to virtually all Allied air forces. An effective level bomber, it could also be equipped with a multitude of additional machine guns, rockets, and even a 75mm canon, for low level ground attack.
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By Anarch157a    2019-05-24

I think you're gonna like this one [1]. The B-25 Mitchell instructional that was linked here some few weeks ago is also amazing [2].



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