Best Video Editing Software For Youtuber in 2018

Editing videos before uploading them on any social website is becoming important because the videos we make are actually raw footage and they need to be organized and cleared of any errors and mistakes. This has become a necessary task if you want your videos to look visually appealing so that they can attract the attention of millions of viewers.

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the internet at the moment. From media stars to activists, everyone has a YouTube channel these days because YouTube can be used as a source to send any message to people due to its global platform.

There are tons of video editing softwares available to choose from. Some of them are free and work amazingly well while others cost money to avail their full features. Most of them are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of them and some of the paid-ones also come with tons of editing tutorials. We have categorized them in two types and mentioned the pros and cons of each one.

This article will help you in looking for some of the best video editing software in 2018. So, let’s jump right to it!


Best Free Video Editing Software

Here are some of our top recommendations for best free video editing softwares. All of these softwares offer remarkable features without any cost.



    • Very easy to use and the best free video editing software for Mac for beginners, intermediates and semi pros

    • Probably the best alternative to YouTube Video Editor
    • Has a user- friendly interface and allows sharing of edited videos online
    • Shaky and distorted videos can be fixed easily
    • Features include background changing and great visual effects
    • Let’s you change audio of a video clip


    • Professional video editors do not find it to be the best software for Mac



    •  A good quality video editing software free of cost
    • Supports hundreds of audio and video formats
    • Offers powerful filters and has a customizable and user-friendly interface that can be leveled up depending on your needs from basic to advanced.

    • Lacks built-in sharing to other websites
    • Less intuitive than paid applications
    • Does not provide as much guidance as some other software, so a beginner needs to learn it on his own

Wondershare Filmora


    • A good quality video editing software free of cost
    • A wide range of audio and visual effects
    • Some of the most advanced features like PIP, Green Screen, Tilt-shift, etc
    • Easily compatible with generally used formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc

    • Only good for beginners and intermediates

Hitfilm Express


    • Hundreds of effects, filters, and presets
    • Full array of video and audio editing tools
    • Free video tutorials and projects for learning
    • Unlimited tracks and excellent transitions


    • Downloading is a long process and requires sharing a link on social media
    • Limited export formats

Best Paid Video Editing Software

Below are our top picks for best video editing softwares that can be purchased. All these softwares are high-end and are used by professional YouTubers for editing their videos.


Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows)

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows)

    • Professional grade video editor for performing tasks overall
    • Latest editing tools and handles 4K videos, multi-camera tools like a piece of cake
    • Guided modes teach you nice video editing even if you have absolutely no experience
    • Can easily curate moments and videos automatically from any raw files you upload
    • Expensive


Pinnacle Studio 21.5 (Windows)

Pinnacle Studio 21.5 (Windows)

    • Wide range of file inputs through multi-cam editing
    • Dual preview
    • Offers audio ducking
    • Costs less than many similar alternatives
    • Only enables you to edit 3D and 4K videos if you upgrade to the Plus or the Ultimate Pinnacle Studio versions

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

    • Professional grade video editing software used by high-end companies - Offers a similar interface to iMovie but has many more features - Easy to handle and quick in performing tasks
    • Costly (but not really if you’re genuinely looking for a high-end, professional software)
    • Only available for Apple MacOS



Out of all our top picks for best video editing software in 2018, our personal favorite is the iMovie and Shotcut if you’re looking for a good free-of-cost editing software for YouTube. If you’re new to the YouTube world, then you should not invest in a high-grade editing software before learning about video editing. iMovie for Mac users and Shotcut for Windows users are simply two of the best editing softwares for beginners.

For paid video editing softwares, all of the above-mentioned softwares really prove to be worthy of their price but our favorite is the Adobe Premiere Pro for its professional level editing for any task you throw at it.

If you have a better recommendation than these softwares, please let us know!

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