How To Film Videos Like A Pro

Producing high-quality professional videos isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You don’t always need an expensive gear to shoot professional videos. With proper knowledge and preparation before-hand, you can achieve good results even with a smartphone. In this article we are going to share some highly effective tips and techniques that YouTubers have been using since ages to get professional looking videos. Follow them and you’ll be making videos like a pro in no time.

1. Know your camera options

It is better to know what kind of camera you should use before jumping into video-making. It highly depends on your budget and what kind of videos you are shooting.

Here are some of the most common options you’ll go through:

A smartphone is one of the best options if you’re a beginner. Smartphones are easy to use, portable, and you probably have one already, so no extra expenses there. Read our blog How to start a YouTube channel on a budget for further guidance on recording videos via smartphone.

After a smartphone, a handheld camcorder can be pretty efficient. It lets you shoot high definition videos relatively cheaper than any other camera. It is a perfect option to shoot your basic YouTube videos or short films.

If you’re a travel vlogger who needs to show a breathtaking aerial view of a beautiful landscape, then you can opt for a drone cam. For going on adventures and under-water diving, an action cam will be your best friend.

For shooting high-quality videos with DSLRs, you need to have proper knowledge and higher skills to operate such cameras. If you cannot afford high-end brands like Canon or Nikon, consider buying cheaper alternatives.

2.Audio matters more than the video

Your viewers can forgive you for a little shaky, blurry video but they’ll not watch your videos if they cannot hear you properly. Therefore, investing in a good quality microphone kit is not an option, but a necessity to make videos like a pro. Even if you’re shooting from a smartphone, you can use a cheap external mic for better audio than your phone’s built-in mic.

Besides investing in a good quality mic, follow some of our tips below to improve the sound quality of your videos. For best audio results, shoot your videos in a calm and quiet place. Background noise is a huge enemy of the quality of your content.

If using an exterior mic isn’t possible for you, then stay as close to the audio source as possible and try this little hack: place your hand around the phone’s microphone to cover it halfway. In this way any undesirable noise can be reduced, which might give your final product a chance.

Use a microphone windshield/ wind muff for shooting outdoors to cancel any intrusive sounds around your camera. Consider using a pop filter to place over your microphone in order to reduce audio feedback during the editing process.

3.Use a tripod

No one likes a video in which the video-maker looks shaky and out of focused. A tripod is a cheap option to ensure a steady footage for your videos. Even the image stabilization of an expensive DSLR cannot beat a $20 tripod. You can mount any camera, smartphone, camcorder on a tripod easily. Don’t have a budget for a tripod? Use a stack of books or a shelf or a chair to rest your camera on.

4.Go easy on the zoom

This is one of the most common mistakes that amateurs tend to use – overusing the digital zoom of their cameras. Just stop right there! Digital zoom makes your videos look grainy, which is something you don’t want while you’re looking to achieve professionalism in your videos. Just stick to the optical zoom of your camcorder/DSLR, but again, don’t overdo it too if you don’t want your viewers to feel dizzy.

5.Choose your backdrop wisely

If you’re shooting outdoors, then your background tends to change in your videos. However, shooting in your room means having the same background in every video. Choose your backdrop wisely as it’ll become the key aspect of your videos. If you shoot your videos sitting against a wall, put a piece of funky wallpaper or a cool poster to add visual aesthetics to your videos.

6.Avoid shooting videos vertically

It is a universally known fact that vertically shot videos look horrible and plainly unprofessional. If you’ve been shooting videos vertically from your smartphone and wondering why people aren’t liking your videos, then you gotta stop doing it and make amends. Shoot videos by holding your phones horizontally so that people can get a view of your full frame.

7.Avoid back lighting

Most of the times, backlit shots result in awkwardly bright light creating a dark figure with no visible features, so your viewers can miss out your facial expressions. You can improve a backlit condition by moving to one side or another and checking which position looks better in the camera. If you’re shooting a smartphone or webcam video, then you are much better off facing a window with the camera looking at you, then your back facing the window. Some cameras also have a feature that lets you reduce the effects of backlighting.

8.Always be prepared

Anytime you go somewhere for shooting a video, make sure that you’re fully prepared. Be sure to pack up extra batteries, memory cards, tapes, an extra tripod and a microphone, lens, a power supply to charge your batteries and some external hard drive to back up your heavy footage. Extra batteries, cards and disks cost much more in tourist spots, so you don’t want to get short on money away from your home. This extra gear supply will help you in case anything goes down!


Making your videos look professional is pretty easy if you simply follow some rules and experiment with new techniques. Having fancy lights and HD cameras does not always guarantee that you’re a pro. You can make amazing videos with your current gear.

Do you have some of your own technique that you use while filming your videos? Let us know!