Devlog #27: A Forecast for v2.10.2, 2.11 and... Beyond..?

Hey friends! Apocaloctopus is back with some more special world exclusive information on what to expect from TT2 in the coming months.

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Fall is falling. As we usher in a new season we prepare ourselves all the changes we've come to know and love - Leaves changing colours, brisk chilly mornings, the sun sets a little earlier, powerful new artifacts and a Warlord Boost Legendary set. Ahh, Autumn!

Just over the horizon, if you squint your eyes a little, you can see the next update!*

Tap Titans v2.10.2! What's in there?

* Two artifacts, which didn't quite make it into v2.10.1 are on their way!
* A bug fix: Lightning Burst was getting stuck when activating just after Flash Zip ends
* Some more Facebook login fixes
* A new Warlord Boost legendary set (this will likely become available before the update is ready!) 

And, a little further down the line, we have a Spooky front blowing in...

v2.11 - The Halloween Update 

Skulls, monsters, ghouls and ghosts! It's a Halloween Theme in Tap Titans 2! 
* Share builds with your clan mates within the clan chat!
* Tournament balance continues to get better with improved matching and cheater detection 
* Additional balance tweaks (pet still seemed a bit slow...) 

v2.11 is going to be a bit smaller than previous updates as we are focusing heavily on v3.0 

Speaking of v3.0... 

While Fall may have fallen, there is something rising out there. There are whispers on these chilling winds... Whispers of v3.0. Whispers that the Titanlords are... evolving.

Keep listening to those whispery winds, because we will begin sharing details of what's to come in v3.0 in a live Twitch Q&A session after v2.11 is released! 

Refresh your memory with the last Patch Notes, v2.10

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