A Complete Guide On How To Be A Youtuber

Let’s admit it – we all love YouTube. Most of us overlook every other social media site just to watch funny cat videos till 4 in the morning. Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a YouTube sensation? If you have, and don’t have the proper knowledge on how to start your own channel, then this blog is the right place for you.

We have put down a complete guide on how to be a YouTuber and make your channel grow. By following these guide lines, you can strive in the YouTube world and can earn good money as well.


7 tips on How to become a youtuber


1. Why do you want to be a YouTuber?

This is the most important question you are going to ask yourself before creating a YouTube channel. It is important to define your purpose in the beginning and stick to one niche at one point. If you try to sail two or three boats at the same time in the beginning people will not know what you’re really good at, as you’ll be unable to focus on one thing. Once you’ve gained enough subscribers, you can experiment other things and post different kind of content on your channel.

There are many different reasons to become a YouTuber such as:

    • You're an artist, who loves makeup, cooking, comedy, travelling, music or anything else

    • Marketing your business
    • You like meeting new people and like sharing your life events with others
    • You enjoy recording and editing videos
    • You want to teach people a skill you mastered
    • You want to make money on YouTube

Whatever your reason is, make sure you clearly define your goals in the start, so you don’t regret anything later.


2. Do what you’re passionate about and plan your content accordingly

Being passionate about the subject you want to make videos about is highly significant if you want to build a successful channel. You'll have to post at least one to two videos daily and learn a lot about the subject. If the topic you choose does not interest you, then forget about coming up with fetching content. YouTubing requires a lot of time and work in making and editing videos. If you don’t love the niche you’re vlogging about, then you’ll think of every task as a chore and soon get bored to death. Even your expensive equipment will not be able to save you if you cannot tell a good story

Choose a topic that you really feel passionate about, something that makes you curious. You’ll come up with content easily and it will be more entertaining too. To help understand your favorite topic, you can look at other famous YouTubers in the niche. What kind of content do they deliver? Why do people watch them? Do your homework properly. Read the comments and see what improvements viewers are suggesting.


3. Assess your equipment

For starting your own channel, you need to have some basic equipment in order to record and edit videos. For better understanding, we are going to list some of our articles that will help you in getting the equipment you’re going to need as a YouTuber.


4. Create your channel

After selecting your subject and getting the necessary equipment, you’re ready to make your own channel. You will need a Google account to start your YouTube channel. Once you have created your account, you will be asked to give your channel a name. Your channel name is important as people will associate it with your YouTube presence. Here are a few tips for naming your channel:

    • Keep it relevant, readable, and short so that people will know what to expect from your channel when it appears on YouTube
    • Don’t add numbers (extremely unprofessional)
    • Use rhyming words or puns to make it humorous and memorable

Next, you’ll have to choose your channel icon and channel art. Select a channel icon that is simple and recognizable, nothing too fancy. Your channel art is more like a welcome mat, so your audience should feel comfortable in your “space”. Add something that’ll make a good first impression and looks eye-catching.


5. Be consistent

As a YouTuber you need to be consistent in posting new content. This is very important, most youtubers who have million of subscribers update their vlog daily. You cannot just post one video in a week and expect your channel to grow. If you want to be a YouTuber, then know that it demands time and sometimes, can be a full-time job. If you are consistent in the beginning and people find your content attractive, it will help you in gaining subscribers easily. After that, even if you don’t post a video daily, it will not affect your channel. Your audience will understand that you have a life beyond YouTube and will wait for your genuine content.


6. Create playlists

After creating a few videos, group them together into playlists on your channel. Putting your videos in a playlist is good idea even if you have few. This is helpful in two ways:

1) The title you choose for your playlist can help you get ranked higher in Google search results

2) Playlists let people watch more of your videos because all of your videos are listed in a series.


7. Engage with your audience

Your audience will love you more if you interact with them. It makes a personal connection with them and they feel more welcomed on your channel. Reply to their comments, promote your channel on social media like Instagram, or Facebook, do live chats there so that people can know more about you. Show that you care about them! Promoting your channel on social sites will also help in gaining more viewers.



After all of the efforts, there is one thing to understand that YouTube is not about instant success. You cannot build a successful YouTube channel overnight. It takes patience, consistency and days of hard work.

Lastly, don’t get disappointed in the beginning from the criticism of your audience. Take constructive criticism seriously and positively. Learn from your mistakes and make small improvements to each video along the way. One day, you’ll have a pro looking YouTube channel if you’re willing to challenge yourself.

Happy YouTubing!