What Is Life Like A Youtuber?

Life as a YouTuber can be pretty hectic. You need to have plenty of interesting ideas each day, skim them down and write amazing scripts, so that you can shoot videos based on those ideas. It is not an easy task and it certainly cannot be someone’s hobby if you’re making videos for money. You need to give your full dedication and work hard, sometimes even seven days a week! YouTubing for money is a full-time job because you need to be consistent in uploading innovative and thoughtful content. Initially, many beginners do not think of it as a full-time career and make YouTube videos just for fun. But if you want your channel to grow, you need to give your commitment to YouTube. As time will pass by, you’ll get more and more views and subscribers on your channel and you’ll start to realize that people actually like what you post and are depending on your content.

Don’t give up!

If you’re a student, a housewife, a mother, or doing any other day time job, then keeping your passion alive for YouTubing is even more difficult. You’ve classes to catch up, assignments to submit, children to look after, work to do. But a true YouTuber will not let any hurdle come in his way, even a shouting boss on the phone! It may seem impossible at first and you may think of quitting, but nothing is impossible if you’re willing to go that extra mile.

The key is to work ahead of time and plan your schedule beforehand so that you can manage your time efficiently. A Youtuber must have his every idea & plan laid out for the next month, six months or even years. Fix days for writing scripts, so that if your exams are coming ahead or you have an office deadline, you already have laid out a complete plan of what you’re going to talk about in your next video. The next thing remains is just to shoot the video and edit it. A tech video, product review, or a makeup tutorial usually takes 60 to 90 minutes to record. Editing takes time, but you can easily edit two videos per day if you know what you’re doing. You can post all these videos in your upcoming working days as uploading does not take much time. While videos are uploading you can do your other tasks.

Until you haven’t become a full time YouTuber, it is better to work from your home studio or somewhere close by. This way, you can fulfill your other duties easily i.e. looking after kids, doing homework or house chores etc.

Ignore the haters!

YouTube is a creative community which uplifts other YouTubers. It has many perks but sometimes they come at a cost. One of the harshest things among them is the online negativity you’ll come across with. Through such times, you need to remember this that the moment you chose to become a YouTuber, you were exposing yourself to the world. People will say mean things about your face, your color, your skin, your body and whatnot. This is how just world works and you need to stomach it. Understand that only those people post hate comments that don’t feel good about themselves. You need to stay positive and look on the bright side of all this. Among these few hate comments, you’ll have hundreds of comments showing love and appreciation for your work. Just ignore these bad comments or delete them right away! But do not confuse constructive criticism with hate. If any of your viewer genuinely gives a suggestion that might work for you, then do consider incorporating it your future videos. Also, always end your videos on a positive note by giving a small message to your audience. This will make you feel better about yourself and your viewers will love you even more.

Appreciate the fans!

It is also important to return the love of your fans, so you should definitely take some time out every day and reply to some of the top comments, record a Q/A video based on what your fans asked you in the comments, or hold a live session on your Facebook or Instagram so that your fans can know you better. This will make your relationship with your subscribers more intimate and personal.

As your channel grows, you might consider giving giveaways as a token of love to your subscribers. It can be as small as a lipstick to as exclusive as a smartphone, totally depends on your budget. Anything you give, will be loved and well-received by your fans.

What do you get out of YouTube?

Many people ask YouTube starters that what are they getting out of YouTube and try to discourage them by saying “YouTube is just a waste of time” or “It’s too late now”. In reality, YouTube is so much more than money or becoming a famous YouTube star. You have an audience that gives you global feedback which is absolutely priceless. Huge companies have to pay for that and you, as an individual can form your own fan base. You’re doing what you love, what you’re really passionate about and what can be better than this? You’ll get experiences for a lifetime and friends you’ll never forget.

Final thoughts

In the end, I’ll just like to say that being a YouTuber means being yourself and not worrying what others have to say about you. When you try to become someone you’re not, people will know that you are faking it and you just want to be popular. This will do your channel more harm than good. Make videos in an environment you’re comfortable with, about something you truly love, and your channel will grow much faster.

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