How To Start A Youtube Channel On Budget In 2018

After watching famous YouTubers, one might think that in order to make good videos and become a successful YouTuber, one needs an expensive equipment and high-end products. This is where you’re wrong! You can search the history and find out that most of the successful YouTubers started their career with low quality videos, having less resolution and bad audio. They did not reach the height of their careers by having access to expensive gear from the start.

Here we are going to give you some of the best budget-friendly tips and tricks to start your own YouTube channel.


1. Brainstorm ideas and plan your content

Back in the day, when YouTube was not a famous social website among people, someone would create a video and many other YouTubers would imitate it entirely or to some extent and it post in on their channel. Some, even already having a good number of subscribers, would do this in order to get more. Now with the advancement and access to technology, you cannot do this these days. Survival on YouTube requires originality and uniqueness. You need to be creative and upload your own original content. You need to think through this process that what message you want to give to your audience. If you’re making a video that 100 other YouTubers have already posted then why should people come to your channel and watch your videos?

At first, your ideas would seem limited as you cannot make an expensive travel channel or a food blog on limited budget. But as your channel will start growing you’ll be able to diversify your content and upload different kind of videos.


2. Don’t rely on expensive cameras

I’ve seen many passionate youngsters with a lot of creativity, get behind the excuse of “I don’t own a good quality camera” or “I’m saving up to buy my Canon 70D so that I can finally start my own channel”. This is the cruelest thing an artist can say to himself to kill his creativity.

Don’t have an expensive camera? Use your smartphone! There are numerous intermediate level YouTubers out there that still shoot videos with their smartphone. Or you can also use a laptop with a webcam that records 720p videos or an external webcam for clearer results. As long as you have some device that is able to shoot videos, you’re good to go. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a DSLR camera right away when you’re starting.

I’m going to give an example of up-and-coming YouTuber Ben Deen. He has some 427K followers on his channel and he says, that he uses his Samsung phone to record and the video-editing software that comes with his Sony computer to do “basic cutting, adding audio, maybe adding text, nothing fancy, and unless you want special effects, you really don’t need to buy expensive software.” So, once again, focus on your content more and less on the quality of your video.

I would recommend using a tripod as it would make recording videos with your smartphone a lot easier. You can get the AmazonBasics Lightweight Mini Tripod for $6.99 or DIGIANT 50 Inch Aluminum Camera Phone Tripod for $11.99 which comes with a carrying bag as well. You can also use a selfie stick for recording your videos. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to convert a selfie stick into a tripod as well.


3. Start with low-priced mics

Having a clear audio is a necessary element in order to grow your channel, because people would rather watch a low-quality video than listen to some unclear, distorted voice. Being a vlogger, your voice is going to be your biggest weapon to deliver any message to your viewers, whether you have a beauty or a comedy channel.

But it does not mean that you need to buy a fancy mic kit. There are various cheap alternatives available on Amazon such as Ultimate Lavalier Microphone For Bloggers And Vloggers Lapel Mic Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser. It works great with any smartphone. Just plug it right in and start recording. Other options are headsets if you’re comfortable with them and they’re a lot cheaper than any other alternative.


4. Stick to natural lighting

You don’t need to get expensive lighting to make your videos look better. Trust me when I say this, natural lighting is your best friend. For beginners, the best free option for lighting is a well- lit, white-walled room with no over-crowded background. You can put a desk lamp above and behind the camera to get some illumination if you’re shooting at night. If this makes your video look harsh, put some greaseproof paper or tissue paper in front to soften the light. But make sure to keep the paper away from incandescent bulbs as it gets hot.


5. No high-end editing

If you’re not a pro, then you don’t need to spend your limited money on subscriptions of editing softwares. For Mac users, Apple iMovie is the best editing software and it is free too. For Windows users, Filmora By Wondershare is an affordable solution. You get pretty good features for the rpice you’re paying.

Avidemux and OpenShot (Windows) are options if you’re looking for going free of cost. VideoPad and HitFilm Express are great if you want some cool free features and purchasable ad-ons in future.



Starting a budget-friendly YouTube channel is pretty easy if you’re willing to be consistent and execute your ideas properly. As we’ve listed, there are pretty great affordable options available and once you start earning money, you can upgrade your gear anytime. For this, YouTube demands time, patience and innovation. Stick to one thing at a time, don’t try to put your feet in every niche and get over-whelmed. Understand what suits your abilities. Fancy equipment, and everything comes after that. Happy YouTubing ?

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