Good yet cheap video recorder?


Hey there, so I'm starting up a YouTube channel, and instead of using my phone, I wanted an actual Camcorder, and I wanted to know if there are any older ones I can get at an affordable price. I understand the prices for these things can be very high, so I wanted your opinion.

Something with hdmi is a must, otherwise no requirements. If you want to know what im using it for, it's to record my hands and cards.

Entering new and uncharted territory so any recommendations and help is appreciated.

(P.S. although unrealistic, anything around $20 would be great, I'm a poor boy.)

LeftyWillie 05/26/2019

Any name brand, modern smart phone will do better than anything that costs $20. Yes, you might find an old MiniDV camcorder at a second hand store, but it won't be HD, it won't have HDMI out, and the battery will likely be dead.

I cannot recommended it, as I have never tried it, but the cheapest 1080p camcorder with HDMI output that I found on Amazon is twice your budget, here:

Drawbacks based on what I saw on Amazon include:
Digital Zoom. This sacrifices resolution when you zoom in to things. It's best to keep the camera zoomed out all the way, and use positioning to frame the shot.
Sound Quality. The reviews on the internal mic are bad, and I did not see an option for an external microphone input. You would end up having to record your audio elsewhere and sync it up.
Frame Rate? Sometimes these cheapie camcorders have low frame rates at their top resolution. I couldn't find details on the frame rate at 1080p, but it certainly won't be 60fps like you would find on a Panasonic HC series camcorder or similar.