Weaning table and eating as a family


I keep seeing everywhere how great it is to use a weaning table, and I have used our weaning table for snacks occasionally. I do like the independence she has to get up when she's done. However I feel very strongly attached to our family meals. Ever since she was 5 months old she has sat at the table with us in her high chair/booster seat and eaten breakfast lunch and dinner with mom and dad. She tells us when she is finished and we put her down out of her chair. Is there a downside to not using the weaning table for meals? Does it help at all that we allow her to get down as soon as she is finished?

Imouthkissmycats 05/26/2019

Fancy word for a baby sized eating table. Something like this : ECR4Kids Natural Bentwood Multipurpose Kids Table and Chair Set (3-Piece) https://amazon.com/dp/B01IR9EDIU?tag=devvideos-20