Do any of these supplements counteract each other or knock me out of Ketosis?


Hello all, I'm fairly new here, trying to lose weight since mid January and started on Keto the past 2 weeks, finding it pretty good, lost around 8LB last week, however I was wondering if any of the supplements I am taking can inhibit my progress? Currently In the mornings I take my Multi-Vitamins, Cod liver oil, ACV and Electrolyte tablets, before I go to bed I take a Magnesium Citrate tablet, looks like enough pills to knock out Frankenstein's monster but are they OK to take to remain in ketosis?

Appreciate any help, thank you.

the_prescription 05/26/2019

Everything you mentioned is fine and you should be using. As for electrolyte tabs, I stopped using those since you cannot have more than 99 mg of potassium per serving in tablet form, so I switched to using Hydrolyte which is a powder. I will link it below. Overall, you are doing a great job :)