Is this fungal acne? I feel like I’m at a loss.


icameheretodance 05/26/2019

Hey, in my experience, fungal acne looks just like bacterial acne. For me, the differences are almost entirely in what types of treatments they respond to.

I get acne and folliculitis caused by the yeast Malassezia. I struggled with it for two years at least, until I discovered a routine that works. The routine is based on the fact that Malassezia thrives on oils and thrives in a warm, humid environment.

  • I never use products that contain oil on my face. I keep oils away from my face as much as possible.
  • I never let myself stay in a warm, humid room for long. This is especially important in my room when I'm sleeping. Just my breathing in a closed room for eight hours makes it humid enough to make me break out! I always make sure to sleep in well ventilated spaces.

And that's about it. Those two actions are enough to keep me from breaking out with my specific type of fungal acne.

Now, when I saw the dermatologist, he gave me a prescription to ketaconozole (same stuff that's in the shampoo Nizoral, but prescription strength) and I used that for several months as well as washing with a bar of sulfur soap that I bought on Amazon. I think those helped a bit to get the yeast population down in the beginning, but the habit of keeping the oils off of my face and keeping my skin cool and dry have been enough to manage without any sulfur soap or prescription. So, you might want to try those two steps and see how they work for you. Bonus: They're both free.


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