[Help] Need an Electric fence recommendation for our houdini dog


We adopted a lovable shelter dog a few months ago. Shes been a real handful, but the biggest issue we're having is her escapism.

We have a screened in patio and a 6 ft privacy fence the encompasses our entire yard. She repeatedly breaks through our screening and digs underneath our privacy fence.

We tried using stronger patio screening, we tried using bricks around the fence, we even tried using chicken wire around the patio and fence to prevent her from digging/chewing her way out. Nothing is working, she keeps breaking loose.

So we're down to our last resort, which is an electric fence. We don't want to use an invisible one, or those "wireless" shock collars. Our furbaby is a large 65 lb black mouth cur, and I'm very confident that will just tickle her. We need a good deterrent that will keep her from digging at the fence and keep her in the home.

I know absolutely nothing about electric fences, what is good for dogs, or how to install them.

Please /r/dogs help me keep my baby girl from escaping and possibly getting hurt.

refugefirstmate 05/26/2019

I have a Houdini - she was a stray that was born in the shed of the house we eventually bought, was used to wandering the neighborhood. I cut a roll of hog fencing into 24" strips, slid it a few inches under the fence, and used landscape-cloth pins to hold it to the ground. Problem solved.

Until she started climbing. (Honestly, she really loves it here...I mean we have half an acre for crying out loud) So I ordered one of these:


Best price I could find anywhere, I bought a bigger roll of aluminum wire and some more stakes - and set it up around 18" inside the fence at about her chest height.

And then I went inside and sat watching the security cameras. Yep, there goes Lolly toward the fence, hit the shock fence wire, one YIPE and then she high-tailed it into the house with a very WTF look on her face.

Problem solved.