Outdoor Tv


Alright reddit im gonna keep this as brief as possible.

Dad calls me to his house, wants me to go buy a TV so he can mount it under his deck.

I warn pops cold weather in december is gonna be what he needs to worry about.

Fast forward against my better judgement im bringing him home a vizio p series TV.

Reddit, this tv isnt going to get rained on, snowed on etc. This TV will have a encolsure to keep dust out.

How in gods green earth do i help this man keep his TV from condensating in the winter?

Are heating strips good enough if we allow the TV ample time to warm?

Im at a loss =[

goodwill-blunting 05/26/2019

Having this same dilemma RN...

I have come to the conclusion that I will not buy the $2k outdoor rated TV and instead buy a $200 monitor with an anti-glare treatment (roku setup). I have a spare vizio and tried using outside, but the glare during the day made it unwatchable. Amazon has portable mounts to make it easy to bring the monitor indoors when not in use.

I also looked at applying anti-glare treatment to my spare vizio, but the cost is ~$75, i.e. halfway to the cost of a new monitor. Rather than run the risk of applying the treatment myself, have it not work out and be out the cost, I’d rather do some research and buy a monitor that’s tried and tested.

Edit: added roku ref