Need a new mouse need your opinions


Recently my Corsair harpoon side buttons have been unresponsive (I’ve updated the drivers) obviously I need a replacement as I rely on those 2 buttons. How much would you recommend the Logitech G203, personally I think it’s looks like a not and lacks interesting design but it’s only £15 from £35 I’d really appreciate you’re thoughts on the mouse or any better alternatives in the price range of £20-£30

polinco 05/26/2019

Seriously: Mad Catz R.A.T.1 Mouse for PC & Mobile Devices (MCB437260006/06/1)

I kind of bought one as a joke, and this thing is totally legit for its price. It’s lighter than the (way over priced air58), and has a great sensor. I’m telling ya, it’s worth way for than what you pay, you have nothing to lose.