[US] Mechanical Engineering Student; 13"+ screen; $800-$1000 range


  • Total budget and country of purchase:

    • $800-1000; USA
  • Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply.

    • Best specs, but emphasis on dependability/durability!
  • How important is weight and thinness to you?

    • Don't care, as long as it's not prone to internal defects.
  • Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux.

    • Prefer windows.
  • Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.

    • 13" or more
  • Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.

    • Moba games, CAD softwares, Math Softwares (MatLab, etc)
  • If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?

    • League of Legends from time to time; 30+ FPS is just fine; no high def graphics required
  • Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?

    • Solid state drive; RELIABLE BUILD QUALITY
  • Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.

    • This will be my 3rd laptop purchase in 6 yrs.
      • Bought a Macbook Pro (apprx $1000-1200) in 2012/2013 that had a defective hard-drive cable which kept breaking; lasted about 3 years.
      • Bought a Lenovo Thinkpad (apprx $800-1000) in 2016 that has started breaking down. Lots of random stuff, like shutting off randomly for some unknown reason that's NOT related to overheating (I've checked multiple times). There are other issues that are incredibly annoying, but manageable for now. I'm trying to start research to get out ahead of when this one will inevitably die on me.

LonerIM2 05/26/2019

I would recommend this Dell Inspiron because it has a great balance between value for money, battery life, and very good performance, here is a little detailed review of it:

Screen hinge in the center, which makes the display very stable.

You can open the display with one hand without any problems.

Comes with 3 USB and 1 USB type C that supports Thunderbolt.

Comes with Intel Wireless-AC 9560 which promises 1.7Gb/s but only delivers 485MBit/s (shouldn't be an issue unless you have such a very high speed and the need for it).

Easily upgradeable since you only need to remove a single screw to access the back of the laptop to replace/upgrade ram and storage.

Comes with chiclet keyboard with average sized keys.

The typing noises is not audible (except for the space key).

The touchpad is large and defined by red accent, the keys (left, right) are in the touchpad itself (not separate keys), and gives a quiet clicking sound when pressed and supports gesture controls with several fingers.

Display is the main con of the unit, it is not super bright (to the point of issues in direct sunshine).

Screen has low sRGB and RGB coverage (57% sRGB and 36% AdobeRGB) and low constractions.

Screen doesn't come with PWM or Screen flickering (it is a good thing because screens that have it put strain on your eyes).

Screen is IPS, so it has good viewing angles, but also has slow response rate when compared to TN panels.

Fan noise is another small con, while the sound is low under light usage, it does get loud while gaming but not to the point of it being annoyingly loud.

Heat management on it is very good so, and its main selling point along with value for money, CPU/GPU don't throttle(much it is still within acceptable level) and don't get hot to the point of internal damage (however, it does hot enough to be uncomfortable on your lap).

Speakers are user facing, so there is no muffled sound, however, it doesn't offer much base. GPU is powerful enough to run League of Legends on Medium to high settings, you can view the expected FPs from this link