2070 RTX laptop


Hi all, I’ve just purchased a gaming laptop with a 2070 RTX. It’s top spec in all terms. Has 4 usb 3.0 ports etc. 2.0 hdmi and 2x 1.4 mini display ports.

Problem is, it’s an intel based Clevo chassis and it looks like oculus doesn’t officially support Clevo. Is there anything in particular that may make my system unable to use the rift? I don’t want to spend £349.99 just for testing. Has anyone else used a Clevo chassis or capable non supported laptops?

Thanks in advance.

smiller171 05/26/2019

Even if neither HDMI is hooked directly to the GPU, the VirtualLink port will be (according to Nvidia this is a thing with all RTX laptops) so you can use this adapter:

Accell USB-C VR Adapter https://amazon.com/dp/B07LC4B43P?tag=devvideos-20