Looking for tips on toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush etc.


I am slowly transitioning to only recycling and then to zero waste. In my city we recycle: class, metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, bio, lightbulbs, batteries +++. It is the MSW bin that I want to eliminate from my household first then work toward decreasing and hopefully completely eliminating the rest of them.

I am switching over to bamboo toothbrush because I can easily recycle that in the system. I am currently looking for toothpaste tablets with flouride after talking to my dentist. Any suggestions? I am super sensitive (picky) to taste and are currently using sensodyne because that taste the least of the easy to get ones. I still can't stand eating for about 15 min after brushing my teeth in the morning. I have tried lush's limelight toothpaste tabs and loved them, but sadly no flouride.

Also, what do you do with the packaging on toothpaste tabs?

I am currently flossing with nylon tread and that goes straight in the plastic recycling but I would prefer to change to something biodegradable. Any suggestions? So far I am very confused with the alternatives in that regard.

Thanks :)

em-nyc 05/26/2019

hi, I have this floss which is biodegradable (60-90 days)


I also love these bites,


Not sure you're in the US, but might be helpful if they ship to you :)


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