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Hello all!


My name is Evan, I am a senior design student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and I am studying homelessness for my thesis research. After 10 weeks of research, I’ve decided to develop a waterproof backpack to best fit the needs of the homeless community, this reddit community already helped inform that decision when I posted in here last (

There have been projects in the past that involved nonprofits putting together donation bags (, and also, and even designing a bag specifically for the homeless (, but these projects lack direct input from the people experiencing homelessness.

That’s where I am looking for help, I’m looking for people currently or formerly experiencing homelessness to a development team to help design a waterproof backpack. This will entail using a shared google drive folder for all digital files, and testing the physical prototypes that we develop and I will fabricate.

What Team Members In The Project Will Be Given:

Progress Updates


Mood boards

Prototype sketches

Physical prototypes


What I Will Need From Team Members:





General Feedback and information


How it would be facilitated

Phone Calls/Video Chat Interviews

Form submissions

Prototype Usage


If this is something you are interested in being a part of please feel free to fill out this form ( that will provide me with a first name to address you with, a brief description of your situation, and what resources you have access to, and I will start assembling the team from there.

Hourly compensation is something I cannot promise right now, as a lot of the money from this is coming from grants and out of pocket, but you will get to keep any prototype backpacks you receive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop them below or email me at

Thank You all so much.

FreedomNinja1776 05/26/2019

LA Police Gear Atlas 72H MOLLE Tact Backpack-GRN

I own this bag and it has many of the features you describe. I like the clamshell design with the laser cut molle system. Doesn't get snagged and have many connection points/ options.

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