Change from headset to speakers quick


I have a creative omni 5.1 with my 5.1 speakers plugged to the back and my headset (mic + headphones) to the front.

In my windows sound devices the Creative Omni figures as 1 device and the control panel of the sound card is the one that manage the cahnge between speakers and headphones when I plug them in.

I would like to keep my headphones plugged while changing my source of sound.

I've tried to change it form the control panel from the creative sound card and the result is that the sound goes out from my speakers except of the right and left channel that keeps exiting from my headphones. Any Ideas?


I want to do this because due to the short cables that the sound card come with I can't place it near me so change between one device and other makes me stand off my chair, go behind my desk and unplugging the jack.

murphey_griffon 05/26/2019

Are you talking about the front of your PC case? If the control panel can detect them as two devices, I would think the app the user mentioned below might work. I used to have razer tiamats with a built in switch which was awesome. They broke and I needed a way to switch easy and started using might be the cheapest, or you could go with a USB DAC

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